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Developing Connections

In order to grow with the community, you must know the community. 

Business Owners

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Business Owners

Listing your business is free! We also offer additional services that can put you in front of the people that live in your town. You can also get hired for local jobs using our platform.  

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Our Real Estate Professionals

Our team of Real Estate Agents is the town guides. They will be the team that is out in the community where you are. You will see them on a lot of our up-and-coming live broadcasts. You will learn not only about new Real Estate listings but also about local businesses and what they offer.  Please join our Real Estate team today!

We're all Here for YOU


Let’s face it we’re all here together. The Developing Towns team wants to give back to the locals that live in the towns it represents. Through the developing town’s website, you will get access to different opportunities through our daily updates. We encourage involvement and if you’re able, join our team.


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Ask Us Anything

Yes, our community is a town based social platform that is built for the locals in mind.

No, although you will see similar elements as you would see in facebook we are not trying to compete with facebook or LinkedIn. 

In short, advertising! We show companies how to advertise for less without costing a lot of money. Plus you’ll have a listing on our site and if used correctly will get more locals to come in your store.

It honestly will take some time as we are a newer site. As the site grows so will your local reach.

We are planning a local network that business owners will be able to join at zero cost to the business. It can also even create a revenue stream for you, the business owner.

If you’re new to our community, that’s awesome. Dive in to Developing Towns and if you need help, we will have recorded videos that you will be able to watch. You’ll also be able to reach us during normal business hours.

We have several full services products, Website Design, Professional business Listings and if you use one of our Agents to sell your home you wont’ pay for an appraisal or an inspection. We’ll cover that as a thank you. 

That’s an excellent question. The locals will get to learn about new businesses coming in to town, learn about any daily special deals the local businesses have. You will also be offered a chance to get instant local rebates on over 300 different merchants. Plus we’re going to live stream most events and most of them will be free.

We strive to make our clients happy

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