Welcome To Developing Towns

Yeah, You made it!

Welcome we are here do help develop towns and build relationships. We are thankful that you are here. Please get started by creating and completing a profile. We are continuing to develop our systems and will be adding awesome features in the near future. For now please start listing your businesses, posting items for sale, Creating a work profile and using all of the other services we currently offer.

In your Dashboard you will see everything that we have. This is also the place you’ll see new and exciting services we’ll soon offer. If you want anything special please let us know if it’s a great idea we’ll make sure we get it added.

What is Developing Towns?

In short Developingtowns.com is the Social Media Website for Business and Cities. Everything that’s developing will be on Developing Towns. We are still getting started and if you would like to help and support our cause we would be delighted and blessed to have you.

What we are NOT! We are not a political company! Yes political events will be a part of the site. You are free to speak about politics but we will not censor you unless it is a hateful or a flat out lie. We can not and will not tolerate the attacking of another individual.

We are not the thought police and this community will be self censored. What does this mean, we will look to you for help to make sure the community stays safe.


We will be updating this post from time to time and will make a post about it in the news feed. I’m Clay Drake, thank you for reading and welcome to Developing Towns.


Some news, soon you will be able to write news worthy local articles and get rewarded for it. We are currently working on many updates to the site, so stay tuned.

Love you, mean it.


Your Developing Towns Team

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