Real Estate

Real Estate

Selling your home faster with transparency


Community outreach, displaying your homes in the news feed, directory and MLS.


Show your home on the map, discuss the surrounding neighborhood

Shopping center

Every listing is detailed with what shopping centers and other entertainment areas around the property.

Transparant Listing

Your buyers will know exactly what they're getting before they see the home. As stress free as a Child.

Property Website

Free Stand alone website with Every listing.


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Real Estate The Way it should be

If you’re a home owner looking to move on, we will come and carry out a free, no-obligation valuation on your property at your earliest convenience. If you choose to use us to market your property. 

Depending on your goals we can complete a home inspection, photograph the property, complete a Real Estate Production (video) and showcase it on our website. We will distribute the listing all over the internet, where people are searching for their next home. We also send the listing out to our network of investors.  

Package can Include

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Live 360° tour

Play Video

Going live showcasing your home on many sites and networks. Invite home buyers to interact with you as if they are on a TV program. 

Live Show on Youtube, Twitch and Developing Towns

Please call 1-512-354-1040  to book a private appointment.

Your Selling Options

2 FSBO + Agent
3 Agents Only

For Sale By Owner

Are you ready to sell your home but don't want to give up that 3-6%? A lot of people don't, but where do you start?
The good news we will soon have an FSBO class that you can take at any time. It will walk you through the entire process. From getting your home ready to list, all the way to marketing and contracts, it will teach you everything you need to know. But, most importantly, it will help you understand and manage your expectations.
There are some great things about selling your house on your own, and honestly, it's not all that difficult to do. On the other hand, Real Estate Agents bring great value into the equation. The number one reason most people don't sell their home FSBO is Time. It is a commitment. We want to make sure you understand that when going in this direction. No matter what your choice is, we'll help you as much as we can.
We will help and guide you. If you want, we can provide an Appraisal Drive-By (Estimated Value Appraisal), Inspection, Professional photography + Aerial Photos and Video, Virtual Tour, FB Listing Teaser, Marketing Landing Page, YouTube Video and a Zillow Home Walkthrough. All of this sounds expensive. Real Estate Listing Agents have a marketing budget they pull out of the commission, and it's typically 10% of the total 3% commission. We could typically offer all of these services in a package for a fee similar to that. Would you like to get all of these services for half the cost? Ask us how!
So our question is, what could it hurt to try? If you need some help, we have some excellent Agents and Brokers to help you sell your home.

FSBO + Agent


Just because you're wanting to sell your home FSBO doesn't mean you have to go it completely alone. 

Did you know you can list your home FSBO and still list it on the MLS? This is one of the biggest advantages of working with a Listing Agent or Broker. 

With one of our Agents help They will list your home on the MLS For one FLAT FEE.  You can get all of the benefits of the FSBO packages we offer plus work with and get advise from one of the best Agents in the industry. The Agents we partner with are truly hand picked and one of a kind. 

Now you have the best of both worlds. Saving some of the commission and getting on the MLS so you can get more offers even faster.  

Agents Only

Our Agent Guarantee

Real Estate Agents are your friend in Real Estate. Even Though they might be a paid friend, they still have your best interest in mind, at least ours do. 

The Agents on Developing Towns are truly one of a kind. We have spent years getting to know them. Understanding what they will do for a client to help them sell their home. They're not afraid to get a pre listing inspection. They go the extra mile to make sure that you get the best price possible for your home. They don't stop there, they know everyone in the industry from the local handy man to the mortgage officer. These Agents have earned our trust. 

If you pick one of our agents. 

You won't pay full price for:

  1.  an Appraisal
  2.  an inspection

 We know that these agents will do everything in their power to help you so we want to help them. 

Consider our Agents, If they can't sell it we'll buy it.

Your future is looking bright!